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What You Must Know WHEN Immigration Knocks At Your Door

Download our guide to protect your rights and to protect your family. This guide will help you learn:

What you can say when an officer is at your door.
What you can do so that the police cannot enter your home.
What your immigrant rights are and how to contact an attorney.

Don’t get deported when you could have fought your case.

Download our free guide to protect your rights.


Live a Life Without Immigration Limits

When an officer is at your door, you do not have time to find out what your rights are. Our guide will help you understand your rights and our immigration attorneys can help evaluate your immigration case and help you avoid deportation.

Learn what to do when Immigration is at your door.

Don’t get deported when you could have fought your case.

Our Commitment to Immigration Reform

The attorneys of Godoy Law Office know that the only way to inspire meaningful immigration reform in the U.S. is by helping more green card holders become citizens so they can get the right to vote.

But more importantly, we know how relieved our clients feel after they have applied for their green card or citizenship. They no longer feel anxious that they will be deported and they feel pride that they are treated equally as a U.S. citizen, just like everyone else.

If you or your loved ones are ready to make the United States your home, we want to help you. Contact us today.

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